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Our Company Core Values

Our Strategic Anchors form the brand promise which elevates the Cascadia Pay program above the vast majority of competitors in the same market space:

  • Treat all Merchants with the same level of Trust, Appreciation and Respect
  • Understand each Merchant is Unique, with their own story – there are no "cookie cutter solutions"
  • Provide unparalleled assistance with the Application Process, do the "grunt work" of completing forms on behalf of the merchant – make the Process as Quick and Painless as Possible for the Merchant
  • Keep in Touch - Don't Forget the Merchant – Maintain an Ongoing Effort to Improve Terms, Tools, Options and Conditions throughout the Account Lifespan
  • Our Client is the Merchant – not the Banks or merchant account Acquirers

Our Company Core Values form the foundation from which we generate every aspect of our approach to our work, our clients, and each other:

  • Work Hard and Meet Your Commitments and Deadlines
  • Deal Directly, Honestly and Respectfully with Each Other
  • Contribute to an Enjoyable and Productive Workplace
  • Merchants First; Individuals and Service Providers Second
  • Display Individual Initiative within Each Role