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We have secured key partnerships globally so that we can deliver the best available options to all merchant types and categories. This is really not any different than most merchant account providers operating in this sector today. So what is different about Cascadia Pay? 

You can read about our company and 15 years industry experience here: Our Company and Core Values

We are more than just a merchant account provider, with experience in all aspects of ecommerce, so we have the ability to add value by providing support, contacts and advice on many other things which may help you out with your business. 

If You Have Applied For A Merchant Account In The Past, Or Have Lost A Merchant Account In The Past, You May Have Had Any Number Of Experiences Similar To These:

1) The provider assured you up front there was no problem and made you feel like you would be getting a merchant account without any difficulty.

You filled out many forms, provided your ID and all the other items they asked for, then you heard nothing for weeks. Every time you asked for an update, you were told things were "in progress". Finally, after a long delay, you were told that your application had been declined and they would either not explain why or they told you it was due to some aspect of your business that you had clearly explained right at the beginning of the process. So you wasted weeks, maybe even months, and wondered why they would tell you now the application failed when there was absolutely nothing different about your business than what you had clearly explained and documented from day one. What you didn't know is that the provider didn't have a solid option for you, but they didn't want you to look elsewhere, so they strung you along while struggling around in the background trying to find some kind of option for you – essentially gambling with your valuable time.

We will not do that to you – we will let you know up front if we are not sure we can help you out, rather than string you along for weeks, even months, while you wait for a decision on an application that was doomed to fail.

2) You worked with a provider for weeks on your application, and the account was approved!

However, you are now told that you cannot use the gateway that works for you, or that your cart system or CRM system will not work with the gateway you are being forced to use.

We will not do that to you – we will discuss gateways, CRMs, cart systems and other technical aspects with you up front to make sure the solution will work for you before you spend any time on the application process.

3) You worked with a provider for weeks on your application, and the account was approved!

However, you are now told that you must incur the time and cost to set up a company and/or a bank account in some other country before you can actually use the merchant account.

We will not do that to you – we will discuss any corporate and banking requirements with you up front before you begin the application process.

4) You worked with a provider for weeks on your application, and the account was approved!

However, you are now told about some kind of fee or some terms like a high risk registration fee, rolling reserve, or delay in remittances which was not previously disclosed.

We will not do that to you – we will share all the ugly stuff with you up front so you can decide whether you want to proceed.

5) You are a smaller, lower volume merchant. You had a great initial phone call or email exchange with a provider.

It all sounded very promising. They sent you a package of forms to complete, you completed everything and sent it all back, and you never heard from the provider again. Your phone calls and emails were ignored. Basically they decided that you weren't worth their time because you are small, which means not much profit for them. 

We will not do that to you – we will give you the same time and attention we provide to large merchant clients.

6) You were sent a package of forms and requirements, and you couldn't figure half of these things out.

You were expected to complete all of this paperwork yourself, and when you tried to get some help or advice you were made to feel like you were somehow annoying the provider.

We will not do that to you – we understand that application forms, contracts and other documents are confusing and time consuming, and we actually do as much of the "grunt work" as possible for our clients.

7) You were approved for a new merchant account and had been processing for several weeks, maybe several months.

No problems, no issues, everything was working out just fine. Without any warning, you received a form letter or email telling you that your merchant account has been terminated. When you tried to find out why this happened, you were told that your product is a prohibited product, or your merchant category is too risky. You couldn't understand how this happened, when you were not doing anything you hadn't told the account manager right up front. What you don't know is this happens all too frequently with some of the larger providers – the sales person is so anxious to get the account approved that much of the underwriting is bypassed, then later someone in a risk department decides to close the account after the merchant has already started processing, leaving the merchant in a completely desperate and unexpected situation.

We will not do that to you – we know which banks and providers do this kind of sloppy underwriting, we avoid them and will not work with them.

"High Risk" Ecommerce Merchant Categories 

That We Will Serve:

  • Adult – If Legal
  • Gaming – If Regulated
  • Automotive Parts
  • CBD
  • Clothing
  • Continuity/Recurring Billing
  • Jewelry
  • MLM
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Website Hosting/Monitoring
  • Replica Products
  • Credit Repair/ Financial Counseling
  • Dating
  • Direct Marketing
  • E-Books
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical – If Licensed
  • Seminars
  • Tech Support
  • Ticket Sales
  • Travel
  • List Element

Ecommerce Merchant Categories

That We Will NOT Serve:

  • Adult – If Illegal (Ie: Child Pornography, Bestiality)
  • Cash Advance – If Unregulated
  • Chain Letters
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Card Or Identity Theft Protection
  • Lottery Clubs
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Firearms Or Ammunition Sales
  • Gaming – If Unregistered/ Unlicensed
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Psychotherapy Or Hypnotherapy
  • Money Transfer/Money Service
  • Tobacco Or Alcohol Sales
  • Psychic Or Fortune-Telling Services
  • Illegal Products Or Services Or Products/ Services Providing Peripheral Support Of Illegal Activity
  • Pharmaceutical Or Controlled Substances – If Unlicensed
  • Penny Auctions

Merchant Account Application

If you are a "seasoned merchant" you may prefer to cut to the chase and submit the full merchant account application form. Simply click on the link below to complete and submit our merchant account application form:

Our Preliminary Enquiry Form

If you are not sure about some of the questions on the full merchant account application form, or would rather get more information, you can submit the shorter version preliminary enquiry form using the link below:

Our Goal Is To Respond To All
Submissions Within 2 Business Days.

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