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We Support Almost All Medium & High Risk Merchants

  • Adult – If Legal
  • Gaming – If Regulated
  • CBD
  • Continuity/Recurring Billing
  • MLM
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Credit Repair/ Financial Counseling
  • Website Hosting/Monitoring
  • Dating
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  • E-Cigarettes
  • Pharmaceutical – If Licensed
  • Tech Support
  • Travel

Your Chargeback Management Solution

Are You Receiving The Most Fair, Expert And Efficient Defence Of Your Chargebacks?

Most merchants do not understand an initial chargeback reversal is simply the first step, and means absolutely nothing. Most chargeback services providers believe simply reversing chargebacks is somehow providing full service. We think differently and understand otherwise.

Gateway And Custom Fraud Prevention Service

Is Fraud Costing You $$$ In Lost Product, Chargebacks, and Other Fees?

Many merchants lose revenue because they do not utilize available tools and processes to prevent fraud before it happens and effectively fight the false fraud claims of dishonest customers who cheat and problem card issuers who abuse the system.

Why Choose Cascadia Pay?

The Worldwide Payment Processing Service Company That Understands Each Merchant Is Unique, And Provides A Diverse Suite Of Services Customized To Meet The Needs Of Each Merchant Client.

Your Own Dedicated
Client Manager

15 Years
Industry Experience

Your Own Dedicated
Client Manager

Merchant Clients Come First - 
Banks And Other Partners 
Come Second

An Honest, Direct, Detailed 
And Respectful Evaluation

We Understand Each 
Merchant Is Unique

All You Need to Succeed - A Service Provider that builds a custom solution for you, because we recognize you are unique.

Do Us A Favour,

Ask Yourself Any Of The Following...


  • Do you feel you are discriminated against because of your location or your product/service?
  • Are you able to process the level of volume you require, or all the payment currencies you need?
  • Do you understand the relationship between merchant account, processor, gateway and merchant, and feel comfortable you are best utilizing these components to prevent fraud?


  • Does your current provider know who you are and understand our business?
  • Does your current provider worry more about your survival, or the survival of banks and other third parties?
  • Are you paid on time and satisfied with the fees you are charged?


  • After you receive a chargeback reversal credit, are you debited again for the same chargeback and don't understand why this happened or how to stop it from happening?
  • If you have an existing chargeback services provider, is the solution customized for you or a cookie cutter solution?
  • Are chargeback levels threatening your business, or wasting too much of your administrative time?

Overall - Are You Completely Comfortable With All Aspects Of Your Processing, Chargeback Management And Fraud Controls?

If Any Of These Questions Make You Uncomfortable, Worried, Or Even Just Curious – You Might Consider Contacting Us.

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